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Gather key people instantly, chat with fun, work fast on your docs!

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No more time lost in the mess of the versions, emails, chats & drives...

No more time lost in the mess of the versions, emails, chats & drives...

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Some of the best teams have already changed the way they work:

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Share.Place is the unique app bringing together document sharing and instant messaging to provide fantastic efficiency and team satisfaction.

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Work with transparency

Finally, unified in the same Place, key people share the same level of information; they can track progress at a glance and contribute in real time.

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Discuss on all kinds of documents

Whatever the format, Share.Place manages storage, versioning and validation of your documents. The history of your decisions is always available.

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Be up and running in minutes

Easy onboarding, faster adoption: get the app, invite your team, collaborate and get addicted!

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