The Founding Story of Share.Place

As cofounders of our previous companies (Talend, MyBestPro) we were looking to work together across all our physical locations (Paris, NY, Clermont-Ferrand).
Basic collaboration at the time was inefficient, involving endless email exchanges, cloud storage link sharing and instant messaging discussions.
As a result, lot of time was wasted looking for the latest version of documents and contextual information among multiple channels. We realized that we were missing an essential tool that would allow us to collaborate seamlessly: it was not about workflow or chat but about a simple way to share content in an intuitive fashion across a team intuitively and securely. We did not accept the status quo. Now is the time to provide you the perfect tool, created from scratch, and reinvent the way teams work


The founders were very fortunate to have been joined by an exceptionally talented and passionate individuals. Business is split between the US and Europe with offices in New-York and Paris.

Research and Development relies on centers of excellence in multiple countries with a main office in Paris, France.

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Co Founder & Product Lead
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Co Founder & Biz Lead
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VP Engineering
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Full Stack Dev
Lead Dev
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Full Stack Dev
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Co founder & Tech Lead

Investor relations

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