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Pourquoi Share.Place ?


The collaborative solution that simplifies sharing and
revolutionizes teamwork

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Share.Place brings together all the essential features for efficient and enjoyable teamwork. Agile teams can work together in a modern and secure workspace where they can share documents and have discussions in real time.

The collaboration is finally
simple and effective

Discussion topics organized to stay focused

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  • Folders and sub-folders can be organized by team, project, client or any other tree structure specific to your organization.
  • Each discussion topic is classified in a folder to structure the exchanges and keep the teams focused on the topic.
  • Each team discussion can be either around a topic or around a document. Exchanges are associated with documents.
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360° collaboration to increase productivity

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  • Bring together the people involved, whether internal or external to the company, in a single modern shared workspace to make all your projects a success.
  • Centralize and share all types of documents in a secure way: Word, Excel, Photoshop, Autocad, Sketch, PDF...
  • Work together more effectively with instant messaging associated with a document or discussion topic.
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Total traceability to save time

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  • Gain visibility into the progress of projects with the discussion threads linked to each document or discussion topic. No more information lost in e-mail exchanges or instant messaging.
  • Keep control over a document's lifecycle and evolution with change history, version management and approval of the right version.
  • Look for the right information among the discussion topics, discussions or documents. You have all the context of projects and decisions taken at your fingertips.
  • Simplicity for performance. Successfully complete all your projects and save time by working better with your teams in a simple and enjoyable way.
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