Share.Place reinvents the way teams work

Share.Place integrates document sharing, version management and instant messaging in a disruptive app designed for new generation of workers. The platform leverages state of the art technologies such as Blockchain, Machine Learning and Peer-to-Peer storage, providing real-time exchanges in a secure and fully personalized user experience.


Every event such as publication of a new document, comment, version… are written in the Blockchain and thus certified through this decentralized public mechanism. An operation report can be generated anytime for audit purposes

Peer-to-peer Storage

Share.Place has its own decentralized storage layer. Each client will store encrypted parts of files for other client maximizing security and disrupting the cost of the traditional centralized cloud storage architecture.


Artificial Intelligence boost user efficiency providing Smart Notifications: filtering events based on the behavior of the team members (automatic workflow).
User experience by suggesting for example which users to invite to a particular topic, and which due dates to suggest for deliverables based on behavioral analysis

Share.Place addresses every kind and size of organization and fits particularly well with dispersed & project-based teams working iteratively. Share.Place is being deployed successfully in a broad type of organizations including:
Share.Place has been successfully deployed in a variety of organizations, including:

  • Consulting / training firms,
  • Professional services - legal & accounting,
  • Financial organization,
  • Creative agencies,
  • Architectural and design firms,
  • R&D,
  • Industrial & IT companies,
  • Event planning companies.

Our customers, from small businesses & startups to large accounts, have drastically improved the daily lives of their employees, thanks to Share.Place. Discover what our users think about four main axes:

We use Share.Place for content co-creation between our team and startups. The platform native content collaboration around document and teams is so easy and efficient that we already saved countless hours. It has enabled tracking of a history of interactions, increased level of coaching and accelerated growth, maturity and time to market for our startups.

Eric Burdier - Co founder & CEO